ND-GAIN Corporate Adaptation Prize



Thanks for your interest in the ND-GAIN Corporate Adaptation Prize. ND-GAIN's Corporate Adaptation Prize has evolved into a focus on both entrepreneurial engagement and investor engagement through the Global Adaptation and Resilience Investor group.  

Prize winners represent projects from around the globe and topics ranging from food security, water access, coastal protection, ecosystem services, and human habitats, to infrastructure resiliency and human health. Projects were evaluated on their measurable adaptation progress, scalability, market impact and partnerships. Winning projects develop resourceful contributions to climate adaptation in countries that rank below 60 on the ND-GAIN Country Index.

ND-GAIN's Corporate Adaptation Prize recognizes excellence and promotes more adaptation innovation in the corporate community.

Former prize winners include AECOM/IBM, DADTCO, Novartis International, the Centre de Suivi Ecologique, PepsiCo, and Monsanto.

The winners were honored at an event in connection with Climate Week NYC and the United Nations Sustainability Summit. 

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