2012 ND-GAIN Prize Winners

Ushahidi | Crowd Source Technology Platform

Ushahidi is a nonprofit tech company that specializes in developing free and open source software for information collection, visualization and interactive mapping. Ushahidi has created an innovative crowdsource technology and other tools to change the way information flows and how everyday citizens interface with that data. It uploads information based on twitter or SMS messages, processes that data and translates it to a map. The Ushahidi technology has been used to help communities communicate during  crisis, such as during floods and earthquakes.

PING | Disease Surveillance & Mapping Project

Positive Innovation for the Next Generation (PING) created the Disease Surveillance & Mapping Project in Botswana to  increase the efficiency and productivity of healthcare workers.

MEDA | Techno-Links

MEDA’s Technology Links for Improved Access and Incomes (Techno-Links)  provides rural farming families access to agricultural technology, such as drip irrigation and tilling equipment.Techno-Links intends to help  thousands of small farmers in Peru  to create sustainable farming systems that stimulate economic growth and food security in their communities.

Engineers Without Borders - Austin Chapter | CAMBIAR

Engineers Without Borders — Austin Chapter are helping increase the resiliency of communities in Peru through their Climate Adaptation in Mountain Basins in the Andean Region (CAMBIAR) project that is inspiring collaborative adaptations to water-related climate change challenges.