Hundreds of schools, towns and small cities in Nigeria have been submerged in water and millions of its citizens displaced. The flooding has been considered by many disastrous and “prevented to a great extent if government had listened to warnings and advice by experts to prepare for climate change which has become a reality.”

Raj Rajan, RD&E vice president of Global Sustainability at Ecolab, helps drive top-line growth for Ecolab and its customers by embedding sustainability considerations into innovative systems. He has 28 years of experience in environmental process engineering and water cycle management for the food, beverage, chemical, petroleum, utility, transportation, energetics and paper industries. 

IkeaMega-retailer IKEA is well on its way to achieving two bold commitments by its self-imposed deadline of 2020.

MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates), a GAIN Prize 2012 recipient, continues to make an impact around the world.

Techno-Links Grant Recipients in Nicaragua

Techno-Links Grant Recipients (Nicaragua)

The Global Adaptation Institute’s Dr. Juan José Daboub, Founding CEO, was featured in the Environmental Leader’s Industry Voices on December 5. The online publication is the leading daily trade publication keeping corporate executives fully informed about energy, environmental and sustainability news.

IMG-20121130-00234Food security, water scarcity, energy access and increasing impacts of natural disasters are realities we all must pragmatically address now.

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Drugchu County Flooded

Rescuers use boats to transport locals to a safer area after a landslide and flooding hit Drugchu County, Tibet (Photo courtesy SFT HQ, Creative Commons). 

Article reposted with permission from the World Economic Forum. 

Walking on a mud-filled road in the Amazon

A mud-filled road in Brazil’s Amazon (Photo courtesy World Bank, Creative Commons)

Thailand floods Nov 2011

2011 flooding in Thailand (Photo courtesy EU Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection, Creative Commons)

Companies Investing in Climate Adaptation

Rwanda: 15 years on - Ramadhan's story

Rwanda rice paddy (Photo courtesy DFID, Creative Commons)

Power Lines

Photo courtesy Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Creative Commons

Resilience within world energy grids will be important as natural events increase and more people move to cities. 

By: Cristina López, GAIN

Hurricane Sandy: Hudson River rising in Manhattanville

View from Manhattan as Hurricane Sandy approaches New York City and the water rises (Photo courtesy Paul Lowry, Creative Commons)

By: Justin Siliezar, GAIN

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

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