Dr. Adrian Rocha

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Dr. Adrian Rocha

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
University of Notre Dame

Adrian Rocha is Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Notre Dame. Rocha studies the factors that control the exchange of mass and energy in the ecosystem and ultimately affect the Earth’s climate. Currently, Rocha’s work focuses on the role of carbon in the environment.

Rocha’s research work focuses on understanding and predicting how ecosystems will respond to future climate and land use change and how these changes may feedback to affect future change. Rocha is particularly interested in the response of ecosystems to disturbance, extreme climatic events, and weather variability. Understanding these issues will allow for better prediction of the ability of ecosystems to provide important services, such as carbon cycling and climate regulation, in the future. Rocha’s research is based in the Alaskan Arctic, which is experiencing large environmental and ecological change as a result of rapid temperature increases.

Prior to his appointment at Notre Dame, Rocha was a Research Associate at the Marine Biological Laboratory, Ecosystems Center in Woods Hole, MA. Rocha has published numerous articles in the widely read climate change and science journals.