Dr. Harindra Joe Fernando

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Dr. Harindra Joe Fernando

Wayne and Diana Murdy Endowed Professor of Engineering and Geosciences
University of Notre Dame

Harindra “Joe” Fernando is the Wayne and Diana Murdy Endowed Professor of Engineering and Geosciences at the University of Notre Dame in Civil Engineering & Geological Sciences with a concurrent appointment in Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering. Fernando researches atmospheric, oceanic, lake, river, surface and groundwater flow and transport. He studies the relationship of these dynamics to our global and local environment and built infrastructure.

Fernando’s research is directly relevant to the work of ND-GAIN. When tsunamis hit the Indian Ocean in 2004, Fernando was one of the first experts called to the scene to help determine why some villages were completely destroyed and others, were spared. What he discovered was that the condition of the coral reefs located just offshore—some of which had been dynamited—played a significant role in determining the tsunami’s impact on the coastal lands they surrounded. Fernando’s other relevant work includes research on urban “heat islands” (areas of mass density that retain high heat throughout the day and night), air flow in mountainous terrain, the dynamics and remote sensing of ships and submarine wakes, storage problems in National Petroleum Reserves, air-sea interactions in Indian Ocean with relevance to monsoons and flow through nuclear reactors.

Fernando has published more than 225 papers spanning some 55 different archival international journals covering basic fluid dynamics, experimental methods, oceanography, atmospheric sciences, environmental sciences and engineering, air pollution, alternative energy sources, acoustics, heat transfer, hydraulics and fluids engineering.